Prof. Dr. Jose L. Mateos

Physicist, Researcher: Complex Systems, Networks, Statistical Physics


I am a theoretical physicist working at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), doing research on Complex Systems, Network Science and Statistical Physics. I have a PhD in Physics from UNAM in Mexico City; my PhD thesis and my earlier work was on earthquakes and seismic waves. Then, I went to Boston, Massachusetts, to have a posdoctoral stay as a Visiting Professor at the Physics Department, Northeastern University. There I started to work on Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos. Back in Mexico City, in the Department of Complex Systems of the Institute of Physics UNAM, I continued my research on interdisciplinary and statistical physics and non linear dynamics: more specifically on transport on nonlinear chaotic systems with or without noise (ratchets) and Brownian motors. Later on, I started to work on anomalous diffusion and Lévy flights in physics and biology. More recently, I have been very interested in Network Science, doing research on Lévy random walks on networks.